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connection problems
First off, when im running my server on any port (tried 27015-21019) i cant connect to ANY other server. That makes me mad.

Second, Nobody can connect to my server. Sticks at connecting then fails.

Third, this is sorta related to the first part, but i cant even connect to my server under LAN. It also sticks at connecting status.

I have a D-Link Router EBR-2310 and an Actiontec DSL Modem GT701-WG, both with all the ports forwarded. Also, i have tried entirely turning off my Windows Firewall, and tried DMZ hosting in every combo i can think of. I do have a dynamic IP, but that shouldn't matter anymore, considering Im using's client.

I do have Vista, and am running CS:S and SRCDS from the same comp.
Also, I have gotten a server running, with cs:s going at the same time in the past (like a year go) with the same modem, but without a router.

This entire thing just utterly bewilders me. Can anybody help? And yes, I have read every single post on this forum in the srcds general section and clicked every single link leading to a guide somewhere. Im just tired of it.

Thx in advance,
Hi chocotaco,

first, you actually shouldn't be hosting and playing on the same computer but if you really want to... I won't stop you Smile

well second third and the rest, 1 cause: DLink router.
Without the router everything will run perfectly fine, in order to get it to work you could try updating the router firmware, run DMZ, hope it actually forwards the ports. (The problem with linksys and dlink, and loads of others, is that you tell it to forward a specific port but it will NOT actually do it... just a malfunction of cheap home use routers)

If the firmware doesn't work there are 2 options:
1. connect your PC to the MODEM and connect your ROUTER to your PC, this way your PC will ahve direct access to teh internet but still maintaining a network through the router.
2. get a little more professional router like belkin, cisco, etc. (yes these are rather pricy considering the 15$ you pay for a router that actually doesn't work Smile)
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If you are looking for a router, Actiontec routers are very good.
realchamp Wrote:
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Gah. Thats rather lame imo. Stupid routers. I doubt I could get my computer to run behind the modem while having the router hooked up so the other computer (which quite frankly, I would rather run the server off of, but its not mine any more) still has internettttt. So lame. I hate networking as a whole. SCREW NETWORKING. Geez.

Thanks anyway. I'll try.

*edit* OK. just looked at my computer, and realized that i have an onboard ethernet adapter, and a PCI ethernet adapter. Is it possible to configure one to be an output? Because my GAY modem only has one ethernet output port, I have to have a gayer router. ALSO, my router has the most upgraded firmware there is for it, so I can't do anything about that. I have seen some threads on the steam forums about degrading firmware and that working for some linksys routers for people. Makes you wonder.
If you put it like this it should work perfectly fine, all you have to do is probably enable automatic dhcp in the router.

Internet => onboard card => yourserver => PCI card => router => other computers

Make sure on your computer to select both adapters in the configuration screen, right click and select "add to bridge"
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Source Dedicated Server (SRCDS)
Free to join, Live support! (When available)
Son of a gun. I just realized the PCI card isnt ethernet. Its a 56k modem. Damnit. Oh well. I can pick up an ethernet adapter for next to nothing. Ill try this as soon as I can. Thanks anyways.

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