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Royally ****ed my router....HELP
i have been having loads of problems with my brutal linsys befsr41 router and tried to change firmware this morning to 1.45.7 and during the upgrade something froze i guess but it stopped upgrading to i stop the upgrade (im dumb lol) and then went downstaris and decided it was a good idea to reset the router then when i did that a red light kept flashing (never seen it do that before) and its still flashing. now i cant get a connection on the host computer but one this computer (which is connected wirelessly) i can. how do i go about fixing this besides lobbing my router out of my window.
You will have to download the linksys befsr41 setup wizard from and all should be fine again (it totally reinstalls/configures the router to normal firmware.
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o ya i found a nice tutorial of how to recover it and it worked =D here it is for anyone who may need it:


The blinking diag light usually means that the firmware is corrupted or incomplete.
Fortunately, this is recoverable by following the procedure below.

1) Remove all connected computers from the router except for one computer (preferably,
your best computer).

2) Reset the router by holding down the reset button for at least 10 seconds.

3) Go to control panel, double click on network, then double click on TCP/IP -> for
your network card. Go to IP ADDRESS, and specify it using the following:
ip = subnet =
Click OK.

4) Next, if you have a 10/100 network card, double click on your network card adapter
under network configuration. Click on the ADVANCED TAB, and you should see a
properties option for "media type" or "connection type" or "mode" that currently
has its value set to "auto sense" or "auto". If you click on the arrow button
next to value you'll see other selectable modes. Change the value and select the
lowest mode, which may be something like "10T half" or "10 hd" or just "10" etc.
the lowest value is 10baseT half duplex. Click ok after you made the change.

5) Click OK again. Your computer may start copying files and ask for a windows cd. Give
the computer whatever it asks for. It will then ask you to reboot the computer.
Say "yes" to a reboot.

6) When the system is completely back at the desktop, click on Start, Run, then type in
"command". This will open an MS-DOS prompt. At the prompt, type in
"ping" If you get a "Reply from...", then exit out of the MS-DOS
prompt, and start the flash upgrade. If you get a "Request time out" or
"Destination host unreachable" then go to step 7b.

7a) When the flash is completed, go back to IP ADDRESS as described in step 3, and change
your ip address back to "obtain an ip address automatically" or whatever settings
you had originally working with the router.

7b) Connect the computer directly to your broadband modem using the same network card and
cables you've been using in this procedure. Set the computer up for internet access
according to your internet service provider's required configuration settings. If
you gain internet access, then call Linksys for a possible RMA or further instructions.
If you DO NOT gain internet access, then call your ISP or network card manufacturer.

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