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another how many?
Just out of curiosity, how many slots do you guys think one of these servers would be able to handle?

# 2 x Intel Clovertown E5355 Quad-Core processors.
# 6 GB of Registered ECC DDR2 Memory.
# 3 x 74 GB 10k RPM SATA Raptor Drives in RAID-5.

I think its a pretty insane setup. We hardly use them and I was just wondering how much you think these servers could take?

Bandwidth isn't a problem either. Also it will be running on 2k3 server standard edition.
What game would it be?
source, we will just say counterstrike source.
As many as you want. With a system like that, your bandwidth will be the only real concern. I have my old socket 754 system running my GunGame server. It's got an old 3700+ 2.4Ghz proc and 2Gb of ram, and I can have 5 different games being served at the same time and they all run smooth. But the bandwidth becomes a factor if all the games are being used simultaneously.
well these are to be hosting rented out servers to clients, so we have to assume every server will be completely full all the time. Most definitely the connection won't be the limiting factor, and something will limit it. I am just kind of curious as to what you think would limit it first, and what the limit would be.

Servers use little to no resources when there isn't anyone in the server. So judging with an empty server isn't accurate. You would also want to leave at least 50% of the processor open for map changes and the such.
Well running every core at 80%, you will probably end up near 200 slots 100tick.

in a datacenter... or LAN CPU is always the problem!

(100mbit = 12mb/s, 12000 kb/s / 20 kb/s (busy 100 tick server during firefight) = 600 players)
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