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Hi all! need help with my css server.
Hi all,

my firend and i started a clan in CSS we are haveing a scource dedicated server, We had some troubles with the server and reinstalled it but now it has changed ip and we dont know what its ip is, He is loggin on to his server truth LAN but when i try from friends it just says " server not responding " the only way to go on to server for me and other players is from adding the Internet ip in friends list or see it on the master server list, but seens the server ip changed we dont know the internet ip so to the question,
How do we found out the Internet ip.
We allso have mani problems when we open the admin menu and try to press something in there it shuts down and says like


any idea of how to get it work?
I dont know about mani, try their forums, but ask your friend to go on the network with where the server is located, and go to:
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To get the ipaddress of your friends server you friend has to go to and tell you what Ip it gives him.

NORMAL (with the .vdf) Mani admin doesn't work anymore, you HAVE to use the METAMOD version.
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thanks all ill try that. Yea we use .vdf we try with metamod,
thanks for help i may come backBig Grin
hey if it says server not responding then your server is probly changeing ports on you which can be set in your batch file with either -port 27015 or +port 27015 also another good way to get around this is to get a static ip or a dns name is a good site not sure if thats right but you can search goolge for dyndns and create a dns name and get the auto updater so you can use console and just do connect (your dns) hope this was help full to you Smile
thanks mate yea u right when i said it changeing ip the ip wassint changeing only the port were changeing

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