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Free Servers, No Strings
Basically, I am running a server with Ubuntu. I am running my own servers on this box which I am listing below. These only run when someone connects to them and so far nobody really has. I am interested in finding ways to increase my servers' popularity. Therefore, I am offering this as a deal. [/code]
As long as you can guarantee your server's popularity, I will host a server free of charge. I will allow any of the default maps as well as breakfloor and its variants, scoutzknives and its variants, and several others. Basically, I make the server for you to your specifications, and I will give you mani privileges to change maps, etc. This server can be up to 16 slots.

In return, you will keep a minimum number of people on the server at any given day. I will also include a small ad in the server.

Anyway, if you can keep it popular, you've got yourself a free server without strings attached. I won't charge a penny.

Here are the servers that I am currently running so that you can see what they are like.

Frag Frenzy (server 1)

24x7 Office (server 2)

24x7 Breakfloor (server 3)

Also, check out my website at for more info. Also, you might want to join my forum.
Hmmm, try flash wars.


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