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New Memory Error..after reformat Pls help..
i was running a css server very smoothly before on 1st install srcds and stuff
and i did not encounter a single error. Recently, i reformated my com on windows xp and i encountered memory error everytime i ran the srcds.exe after it tries to execute server.cfg.
i get a message the instruction at xx referenced memoey at xx. the memory could not be read.
and in the console, before pressing ok to terminate the program i get the messages:
missing shutdown functions for S_init memory loader etc etc ie.
HlTV shutdown
NET shutdown and many other xxx_shutdowns...
i have never gotten this before the clean reformat. Also, i tried reinstalling a fresh copy via HLDS tool. I get the same error. Pls help. Thanks in advance.

Server Specs
AM2 Athlon 3800+ 64bit
2GB ram Kingston DDR2 533mhz..<most probably<
160B HDD
Windows XP HOME SP2
This is with no plugins installed?
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go get a memtest86 boot cd and boot your computer with it and do at least 3 full passes, it sounds like you have a buggered piece of memory.
no plugins..
clean installation tried..

and ok i will get the memtest boot disk..will update here

same error..

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