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TF2 Dedicated Server Files
I released the TF2 dedicated server files for Windows on its release for people who where having difficulties downloading it.

Just got round to doing Linux today. This is the latest release (after the update) as of 27th September:

Really ace mate
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This link does not work:

This link works:
quick Wrote:Muppet
This link does not work:

This link works:

Yup file was moved due to directory restructuring. Fixed first post now.
after the game files are downloaded, i can just run the game as normal to start a server in screen or do i need to fidget with valve stuff to make it work (ofcourse i untar it Toungue)
if i get everything working, ill help mirror (usa) ur linux server install. (if you want )
All you need to do is run TF2 straight away like normal (just make sure you add -autoupdate to the start-up line in case there has been any other small updates - create a server.cfg and it should be ready to go.

You can mirror the file if you'd like. That ones hosted on a 100Mb pipe with unmetered bandwidth.

I can get 20M/s download via another dedi i've got in the UK from that server, so US servers should get it faster Wink

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