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good server companies?
im looking into maybe buying a server probably 10 slots. dont no to much about purchasing servers so could you guys help me out with a list of well known and good server companies... or however it works. i don't even know how to get a server.
whats your location and what are you doing with this server
#3 is an awesome host. Had a new server setup for me in under 30 minutes and great support.
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i live in eastern canada and it will be a private server maybe for cal or just scrims.
how bout here? seems to be decent. anyone have any opinions or experience with them. also i noticed a 10 man 66 tic is 1/2 the price of a 100 tic. any real huge downsides to 66 tic? can you even tell the difference? i mean i notice that most "100 tic" servers i go into i only seem to get 60-70 tick anyway. so inform me someone.
20 slot server is $40 per month...

This is for a 66 tic server at 200 fps.

You should just run your own. It's much easier to tweak things to your liking that way and in the end it's cheaper.
100 vs 66 tick on the net is not noticeable, just show off if you run 100 tick and wasting system resources and bandwidth. As you said yourself, there aren't many servers that can run constant 100tick over the net.
Only use for 100 tick is on a LAN where you can notice the difference.

I always say 66 is the maximum and recommended tickrate for internet play. (of course you can run 75 tick and stuff but the difference is just too small to notice)

Also flashstar, it might seem cheeper to host yourself but it really isn't Smile
if you run a server 24/7 for 20 players at 33 tick you already need the following:
- PIV 2.0GHz or equal, 512mb ram (not very expensive and only 1 time)
- energy cost for running, this will be 25$ a month for 1 server runnign 24/7
- connection speed, you will need 1.3mbit upload connection for 20 players. (will be like 50$ at least per month)

so 25$ + 50$ = 75$ a month

Renting really is cheaper and even better is to get a dedicated server which can be around 60$ a month, you could run 4 servers on it Smile + you can set everything the way you like.
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I'm just saying that a server at your house is more or less like buying the dedicated server package since you can run 4 servers on it too. The cheapest I've seen a dedicated server online was for $200.
flashstar Wrote:I'm just saying that a server at your house is more or less like buying the dedicated server package since you can run 4 servers on it too. The cheapest I've seen a dedicated server online was for $200.

that's not necessarily true, if you get a server from a dedicated server provider you can choose peering networks, routing, bandwidth providers. each company is different and suits different needs, some have networks optimized for streaming huge amounts of data but would suffer in low latency apps. for example, cogent bandwidth is good and cheap but not as optimized as say level3 or mzima for gaming.

however the op is just looking for 10 slots, in that case i would just rent one from a game provider rather than a server company. also if he is planning on play 5v5 in leagues some do not allow home servers. the best thing to do is request a demo server from these companies (if they are reputable they will provide one) and scrim on them to find one you and your team likes.
There is definitely a difference in 66 and 100tic servers. Fire an AK in each and you should see the difference.

As for a host for you... try Nuclearfallout or Velocity or
Give a shot, solid servers higher end performance
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Thats who we use, you can check them out on our server if you'd like:

They have servers in Dallas (ours is dallas) and Chicago. Excellent prices and I've had no problems with lag even on a full server.
vigor Wrote:Give a shot, solid servers higher end performance

also a lil expensive >< ...well not to bad by ive seen cheaper and im going for cheap lol.


lol I suppose I could advertise a little for the company i work for Our game server division is still relatively new. Our support is 24/7 though. Plus I will be one of the main support guys Big Grin As far as cheap I don't think we are the cheapest but you will get a quality server. That I know.

Sorry I'm not really trying to advertise here. He asked.

And running a server from your house is nothing like running a dedicated server. Even a good cable connection is nothing like a datacenter will have. Even with a home t1 connection. A fiber connection straight to an internet backbone is better.

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