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Hello, I have a hosted TF2 server and would like to ask a question to the guys who know alot about rates.

This is not a "my server lags and I want to know what rates to set" post, my server runs fine with the same rates as my DODs server. This is more to satisfy curiosity and learn more about Rates and server.cfg.

What is the rationale to setting your maxrate at 25000 as opposed to 20000/minrate 10000?

For a 66 tick server, why do some servers set sv_maxupdaterate and cmdrate "60" and the next one you see will be 66 or 67? What is the main reason for setting minimums to say "10" or whatever?

I have seen a few post on different forums about what the client settings should be for 66 and 100 tick servers, but I haven't found anything on rate settings for server.cfg. I probably havent looked hard enough, and if there are any posts you know of that answer this query please post a link.

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Masher Wrote:

You know what, that pretty much sums it up. Thx. Maybe I should just google it next time instead of looking in specific places I think the answer would be.

There never seems to be much focus on minrate, min_updaterate, min_cmdrate though. Does anyone have comments on the importance of setting minimum rates properly? I have mine set to 10000, 10 and 10. Seems to work fine.

if you don't touch your client rates the lowest is 20/20 or 30/20 or 20/30 (i forget) so there's no need to set them lower. i believe that if you set them too low you'll be really choppy to other players.
minimum rates don't matter much at all, just minrate actually does something.

if you set minrate to something above 5000, 56k modem players won't be able to play
set it lower and they will be able to play.

As to what many people think, client rate settings have NO effect on the rest of the server, if you set cl_cmdrate 10 for example to get a fake fake ping in the playerlist of 5, the guy that sets it to 10 will lag the hell out of himself, other players won't notice.
Of course other players will notice if that player doesn't have enough bandwidth, but on average hail the source engine prediction method, it eliminates total server problems due to 1 person.
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Good info, I'll put it in the server binder. Thx. alot guys.

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