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any way to make players choose random team?
ok on my server people like to stack, so is there a script that makes the player have to choose the RANDOM TEAM option in counter-strike source?
There is a plugin going around the net somewhere that automatically selects auto assign as you join the server.
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do you think u can find it?
If you're using Mani Admin, you can use the mani_team_join_force_auto setting to force the use of auto-assign:

// *****************************************************************************
// Module : Auto Join restriction
// Desc : This module can stop a player from selecting a specific team and
//        force them to join using auto-assign or join spectator. As an
//        extension to this it can also remember the team that the player is
//        assigned to and force them to rejoin that team if they re-connect on
//        that map. The auto-join module can be overriden by ma_swapteam,
//        auto balancing and any extern plugins such as etb or ptb.
// *****************************************************************************

// Option to enabled/disable the functionality. By having it enabled the player
// must use auto-assign when joining a team
// 1 = on/0 = off
mani_team_join_force_auto 0

// When set to 1 the plugin will store the team the player was on and force them
// to that team if they try to re-connect or change team within the game.
mani_team_join_keep_same_team 0

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