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TF2 Server launch Failure
On my Ubuntu 6.10 box which currently is running 1 CSS and 2 SF server is giving my an issue with running TF2 scrds.

After a long night of trying to download the files I finally got its all. Steam kicked my client 5 times during the update.

So I setup -screen and everything to get my server running for the first time and I launch ./scrds.... And it starts and a few lines into the startup I get this error:

AppFramework : Unable to load module bin/!
Unable to load interface VDataCache003 from bin/

Any Ideas on why? I want to get a server rolling and start a clan for it I have no interest in being a pubber.

Try this...

./steam -command update -game tf -verify_all
Exactly as stated above - your going to need to run that command several times (until it says 100%, and that your HLDS is fully up to date).

Your almost there!
I wouldn't bet on that 100%, yesterday I had an update going to 135% =/
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