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When i fallow the steps and download in the download of srcds it says no instolation records of c/srcds :S then i did it again and again can u help me ???
When does it say this error? What did you type in to get that error, and how far a long in the process were you able to get. You need to explain atleast a little bit more.
ok im reddragon just this is my real account ok 1st i downloaded the HdLSetuptool then i run the cmd then i add the command...
cd \srcds
i past this in the Cmd then i make a Update then made me an account the i typed the command ........
hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\srcds ok then in download of that command it says (NO INSALATOLATION RECORD found in c:\srcds ) SO WHAT do i have 2 do in this problam + and my net and Pc are all good so plz help me in this + i downloaded my srcds in a nothER City no my home town so i deleted my old srcds and downloaded the new 1 in my pc and laptop notheing
1 how can you make an account, this was used in the stoneage and shouldn't be available anymore, you can't even use it anymore.

2 the no installation record found is normal, just keep the window open... and be a bit patient to see the server get installed.
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