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I am so fed up!!
Dear members,

I've been trying to setup my own CSDS for 2 days now and I keep getting the same ****ing error!!!

Winsock 10054 Error "Connection reset by peer"

It starts to verify/install the first file needed to download then the error appears in the cmd. All firewalls are disabled.


hmm to be honest, i've only just create my first server but make sure that you have your firewall/anti-virus turned off because they can cause some errors, also make sure you don't have any viruses or anything as well as make suuuuure that you are the only one logged onto your computer because perhaps that mite help lol? anyways im a n00b at this soo i can't tell you much more anyways good luck Smile
Did you try portforwarding? (only if you have router.)
Yep make sure the update program isn't being blocked by a firewall or anti-virus utility.
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During this process,

My firewall is turned off, i juts cleaned my computer like a few days ago and I do have a router but i'm not the one using it. My sister's using it for her laptop. I portforwarded some ports in my modem.
erm.. you have a router connected but only your sister is using it, what's the point of the router then and how are you connected?

in other words, what does your setup look like?
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Basically I'm using a modem for my internet and the router is connected to the modem. So if she's downloading something and i'm playing CSS, i would lag.
That doesn't make sense, unless you have a router modem. And why would it lag? | xfire: toasty2
I've been having issues with the hldsupdate tool also. This is on my colocated server, directly connected to the internet. I feel it's an issue with steam. I was getting the same message as you trying to install a TF2 server, and now am having trouble updating. Sad

Just be patient and keep trying and it'll work, it did for me.
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Just for the record:

What is a modem?
A modem is a device that establishes a connection between the internet and the hardware

What is a switch?
A switch is a device that can (it can't work without a processor or machine telling it what to do) send data to different ports.

What is a router?
A router consists of 3 parts, a modem, a switch and a processor with software installed so you can manage ports to send to and what to block.

Note that modems are hardly given as a real modem, these days all modems come with firewalls and other bullshit built in rarely has an option included to turn these all off.
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Just for the record, a switch you can manage ports just the same as a router Big Grin the only difference is that routers usually have dhcp servers built in, and you can configure advanced routing tables. You can run a network alone with just a switch. If you wanted internet you would need a switch and a modem. For ease of use you would need a switch, modem, dhcp server of some sort. That is why routers come with dhcp server is ease of use. Modems they are trying to make more into routers to make it even easier for the average end user.

Not to knock drocona, but he was just a little bit off.

What you are thinking of is an unmanaged average every day linksys switch, but there are switches up to $100,000 made by cisco that are managed and have all the functionality. Most people here will have a switch that you speak of, but just for the record, thats not what a switch "is".

Also routers don't always come with modems. It is possible to run a network with a router, and even have it all connect through a dial up connection on a pc in the network. Again, you can get them together, but not always. Thats why I don't like general statements, because there is always something to prove it wrong Big Grin
You guys are all talking out of your ass, or at least being ambiguous, just so you know.

Generally speaking, switches send packets along with regard to their layer 2 headers, and routers concern themselves with layer 3 headers. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about when I say "layer 2" or "layer 3", you are not qualified to say what a switch does or does not do. Some switches are called "Layer 3 Switches"; they're routers. Throw in a firewall, NAT/NAPT, and a slick management interface, and you've got your linksys router at home.

Yes, something like a Cisco 3750 can do DHCP, but from an infrastructure standpoint you really want your switches switching and your routers routing, not handling IP Address assignments or doing other service-level crap.

You do not need a modem to get on the internet. All you need is a connection to a router that's showing you non RFC1918 addresses (and an admin that's not stupid enough to assign non 1918 address privately), and you're on the internet. Generally, modems do this job using a specialized line protocol like DOCSYS, but there's no reason you can't do Ethernet from endpoint to endpoint.

For what it's worth, my Linksys WRT54G (Custom Firmware) is a managed switch, with 802.1Q support on every port, it can do STP, and QoS with packet inspection. ( This is actually the reason Linksys (aka Cisco) has stopped making their routers so easy to flash with custom firmwares, as the functionality provided by them rivals some much pricier Cisco devices, with the only real downside being a loss of performance statistically equal to zero in smaller networks (/24 or smaller).

Sorry to bump the topic off, though...and I'm also not trying to knock anyone down, here, I just love talking about networking Big Grin. We do need to see the network topology going on here, as it sounds like the network is the problem.

What connects you to the internet?
What connects your computer to that?
How are your computers connected to that?
Can you provide model numbers, where possible?
chdst... so you basically said almost the same thing as me... with the exception of the modem. I suppose you wouldn't always need a modem. I'm not talking out of my ass.. I know quite a bit. not a lot. and sometimes just enough to throw me off...
Yes, it's all true, and I know it works like that but seriously, since 9/10 guys/gals that visit these forums are totally unknown in this area and actually have the basic setup supplied by their ISP, that's why I cut it down into normal language understandable for everyone so they can get an image whats going on.
No offense but I don't think even 5% gets but 1 thing of the whole technical stuff fully explained above.
People don't bother what DHCP and other settings are really, they just want to get this thing working asap and in the easiest way, as I said 90% of the users have low end routers, some have mid level and a few rare occasions have professional solutions.

But thanks anyway for the explanation, if people really want to go in depth with this stuff!
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