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Does anyone here know much about the various commands that you can use in this browser? IE if a user opens a webpage is there a way to grab their in-game SteamID and submit it along with a form? I'm trying to work on a system where users can register to my forums from the game. Any information about the in-game browser would be more than welcome Smile
There was an old 1.6 AMX plugin that used to have functionality to lookup SteamIDs/WONids from the in-game browser. So i assume that used some sort of method of pulling the users SteamID and $_POST'ing it.

As for the how.. (using SourceMM)

scripting/includes/ Line 137:

* Retrieves a client's authentication string (SteamID).
* @param client        Player index.
* @param auth            Buffer to store the client's auth string.
* @param maxlen        Maximum length of string buffer (includes NULL terminator).
* @return                True on success, false otherwise.
* @error                If the client is not connected or the index is invalid.
native bool:GetClientAuthString(client, String:auth[], maxlen);

How to implement it... no idea. Maybe someone over at might know.
IPlayerInfo *playerinfo = playerinfomanager->GetPlayerInfo(pEntity);
const char* steamid = playerinfo->GetNetworkIDString();

that's how I get it in C++ Plugin code.
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Seems very complicated lol
I was hoping I could just do something like:
%STEAMID% and have it come out with the SteamID

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