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Choke issues on Dual Xeon in LAN environment
Hey there guys!

I have been trolling around the internetz trying to find a solution to my specific problems, and have already reviewed posts and tutorials here on this forum, tried several combinations and am still hitting a blank wall; so here is my specific situation:

I have 2 Xeon servers, one a dual 3ghz, the other a dual 1.8ghz, each with 2gb RAM.
I am running with the following settings:

I am running SourceMM with MM versions of Statsmeminimum, Mani, and Clanmatch; i am also running zBlock.

I am wanting to run 2 instances on each server, with 13 players each. The config also includes running SourceTV.

I have applied tricks such as fpsboosting (both a SourceMM version and the little utility available on this forum), affinity setting, fps_max to 600, but i am still getting CHOKE...

Any settings i am missing, or should i turn our CSS competition in to a giant tourney of rock-paper-scissors?
[UPDATE] The biggest issue seems to be at the point when the characters die, and ragdoll physics kick in to beautify your ending, and not using the SourceMM versions of my plugins...
not sure if you just named the rate settings different but this is what they should look like:

sv_maxrate 30000
sv_maxupdaterate 100

make sure the settings are correct on the CLIENT, as I have had many choke problems with my superb server, I couldn't find the problem, after all I found that my client had rates too low >.<
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Thanks Drocona four your input, i had just listed them from memory, didnt really do a cut and paste.

Well the results are in in a live-fire exercise, these servers are running piss-poor under would be considered moderate load, with pings of anywhere from 5 to the mid-45 - range, and choke jumping as high as 50 in some cases. Suppose its off to the drawing-board again, maybe using Linux as a base.

Oh well, time for sleep, i've had enough of LANn'ers bitching at me...
try lowering the server rates, yes you're on a lan but give it a shot. also, what kind of switches are on this lan? some nics have issues auto-negotiating the duplex which would cause all kinds of errors, if it's a switch you can log into you can check if there are any errors.
i did give it a go, but i had similar issues, in setting rates down. This more than likely has something to do with the various mods I'm running. I didnt have enough time to exhaustively test the combinations, but they were MANI 1.2r, Clanmatch and Statsmeminimum from Roger Devil's site, and zBlock.

fqdn, i seriously doubt its our switches. Our Nortel Baystacks have never before failed us, no new configs have been loaded on them, and basically this symptom has gotten worse than from doing this a couple of months ago. Taking that into account, the the only thing to seriously change in the software config (other than srcds itself) is zBlock.
Again, going on about client side - sounds to me as well as if thats the culprit.

Does this happen with all clients on the server? It could even be down to their networks cards/windows TCP/IP settings not being optimized correctly (MTU etc). You could suggest TCP/IP optimizer to them - worth a shot.

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