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No installation record
Hi all

I have installed cs:s successfully on 2 out of my 4 servers (multible installalation pr server)
But one of them is acting out.

First time I thought it had installed css, and uploaded server.cfg´s and everything, but found out it didn´t have everything installed, and couldn´t start the server.

I tried to delete the folder, reinstalling and all, but with a reinstall in the same folder it get´s to:

Updating counter strike source

No installation record found at
base source shared something (I´m not at my pc right now :-))

Any ideas why it might find no installatin record, and what I should delete, remove or reinstall to do a normal download/reinstall?
Try deleting your installrecord.blob file. I believe it's at the root of your srcds install.
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Yesterday it gave me that message 5 times, 2 minutes after every time it showed up, when it said it 5 times it continued installing, just have some patience Smile
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yeah, it actually says it 5 times and then works.
when you close it after it says No installation record,
you can see that new folders have been created,
therefore it is working.
so yeah, just need to be patient.

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