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is +ip working for anyone here? im running 3 cs:s servers at the moment, each used +ip for one +ip and +ip and for some reason all servers are running on the main ip, but different ports

It worked fine before, but after the steam update it did that..
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I've been told the +ip command is broken
In the past, I was able to initialize HL2MP with a -ip in the shortcut properties. But that stopped today after Valve's +ip 'fix' -ip AND +ip don't work. grrrr.... Now all I get is "unable to allocate dedicated server UDP port"

As a work around, I'm able to enter it manually from the console. It works; still annoying, since I didn't have to do it manually in the past.

UPDATE: Just read that I'm able to use the "ip" command in the server config file to set the external ip for me. Just tried it, and it worked! No more typing it in by hand! Big Grin
port control is bust, i host on ports 27020 and 27025, but now i host on 27015 and 27016.
The default for any server is IP:27015, doesnt matter is your shortcut says port 27040 or whatever, its bust
I have been emailing valve about this but i dont think there aware the fix released on friday didnt work

Mr Rizla
+ ip has been fixed

it works with new patch BUT we have been instructed to use -ip and -port because +ip deprecates (whatever that means in computer jargon)
XA|Masta Shake Wrote:WHAT IS +IP FOR?

+ip tells the server what IP to listen to
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they are phasing it out, want new users to stop using it.

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