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Map List Generator - Lil program to create maplist.txt for you for Windows
Hello all

This is my first post here....but also my first contribution Big Grin

I just spent few hours on Sunday to create this program, also to learn some batch stuff.

I programmed it in batch, so it's not for linux Toungue (I'll convert it when I have time...gotta review for Spanish test Sad)

Anyways, here's the links
MLG V1 [Badongo Download]
MLG Page [Link]
[Image: animeGirl.png]
Stumbled upon this post when googling around on setting up dedicated servers. Thanks a bunch for the program; it works perfectly and saved me a LONG time manually typing over 100 map names.
I don't know what else to say besides I love you. Big Grin
hihi moved to correct area. Smile

And thread is locked due to a new post in an old thread.

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