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Playing on your own server
Once my dedicated server is up and running can i play on it from my own pc?
yeah you should be able to
but you shouldn't for performance reasons.
Indeed, why do you think they call it a source dedicated server.
If you want to play and host on the same PC start up the game and hit "Create Server" button.
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how would that make any difference in performance?
xanda Wrote:how would that make any difference in performance?

Then suddenly your PC needs to work to run the server good and to run your game good on same time. When it's only the server running then the PC won't get slowed down by any other process.
I never really understood why people always made a big deal about not playing on the same pc as they host the server... I used to do that forever with css and it ran just fine. The only reason I ended up moving the server to a different pc was because I used that pc every day and didn't want to take the server down every time I had to restart the pc. I would imagine that not every computer would be able to do this. So you would have to have a semi decent pc to do that and not have any noticable effect.

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