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Dedicated Server?
Hello there, I am looking at getting a server just want to know how many counter strike source servers I would be able to run on one server.. Here are the specs.

AMD Opteron 2.4Ghz dual core 1207 (two Chips) So four cores.
8gigs dual channel Ram
the harddrive part I am not sure about do you really need 15k speeds?
I was thinking 2 or 4 7200 500gig seagates in a raid.
Well thats pretty much the specs on the server.
Internet will be in a colocation so that part is fine.
Thanks for any help.
Looks like you're going to have yourself a fine server there.
I run a server with the following:

2x Opterton 275's (4 cores at 2.2GHz)
2x 80GB SATA

Running 5 servers (2 pubs, 3 privates - all at 500FPS) at the end of a busy day with ~32 clients connected both my CPU and Memory are at 15% usage.

Hope that gives you an indication Wink
So, looking into a colcoation anyone have any good idea's for the Seattle/Vancouver area?
Also how many mb's do I need to be able to run say four 28 slot servers?
Two running gungame...
Thanks for any help
You need 53.4Kbits per player.
You should use Colotraq to find a good colo. They are freakin wicked.
you can also check there's a section for colo and you can ask there.

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