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Problems with getting server up.
Hey all. I know you must get this all the time, and I hate to add to the list, but i just don't understand most of this >.<
I did most of the dirty work, updated my server and all, but when I start up my server I get multiple errors in the cmd box and it then says "can't exec server.cfg" Ill give a picture to show what I mean.

Hope someone can help.
those first two errors are pretty much standard. I get them on my servers and they work fine.
Do you have a server.cfg file in your /cfg directory?
Ah, Just fixed it. I had it as server.cfg.txt, instead of just server.cfg Thank you for your help. Now the only things I am curious about are:
"couldn't exec banned_users.cfg"
"couldn't exec bot.cfg"
"couldn't exec mani_server.cfg"
Just checkin to see if these are normal.
Do you have a banned_users.cfg in your /cfg directory? If not, just make the file. I think it makes it automatically after you ban someone though.
The bot.cfg is something custom it looks like and chances are pretty good that they are configured in the server.cfg.
Are you sure you have a mani_server.cfg file in your /cfg directory? It looks like you may have just copied someone else's server.cfg file.
I did actually copy someone elses server.cfg file. I got it from
Is that a problem? Also, now I can't see my server on the master server list >.< What ports do i have to open, etc. to get this thing visible to everyone else?
Chowganhime Wrote:I did most of the dirty work

Awwww that takes me back lol

It's not really a problem. Just tweak it to suit your needs.
Ports required =

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