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ma_cexec commands
i know that most client variables can't be changed anymore, anyone know why? (cause i think it really sucks). but do you know any that still work? ive got a few.
ma_cexec name, retry, drop, say.

none of the bindings work Sad and i cant think of anything else to do. anyone know anymore?
In the last big steam update, they removed the ability to exec commands on the client. ma_cexec shouldn't work at all anymore, so sadly this method can't be used.

I don't know anymore methods off-hand, but SourceMod may have a way would also be a good place to ask.
no they remove everything that can change a clients config or something. so you can still use ma_cexec just very limited. like you can do the things i listed. im just out of ideas thats why im asking.
Well I can understand why Valve did it, a lot of people were getting sick of abusive admins and rateforcers.

I have a pretty strict etiquette for admins (as you can read in my guide), as I think admins should be and give the example. That means they shouldn't go amok on people and change their names and stuff like that.

One thing that's been bothering me since the beginning is this whole rate crap going on. People just dont seem to realise what they actually are and imo rate forcing is absolutely unnecessary. I hate it when I join a server with rates of 101/101/30000 I either get kicked or they get changed to 66/66/10000, even worse or the old classic 25000 setting, I didn't set those bloody values for nothing!

I always say, CL stands for CLIENT, which means NOT for the server but for the PLAYER. Of course the sucky admins blew it for the rest of us, I much rather have the client exec commands to work so I can actually help clients that can't seem to get it working and stuff like that. At least it stops the abuse, but that's really all what's good about it.
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"play" works (and cexecing ma_browse is a nice way to make someone see your server rules)

You can type soundlist in the console to see a list of available sounds (but these are specific to your machine, so others might not have them)
ma_cexec #all play player\headshot1.wav
I would love to get the 'bind' clexec working again. It really helped me and my admins and others who just didn't know how to bind or open the console.

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