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OK, ive been working trying to figure this out for about 2 hours now and cant figure out what I did wrong so Im posting here, I have all the files uploaded/edited to what they need to be and they still do not work, the menu comes up to choose your skin but it only has 1 option which is standard, here is the info:

I used this tutorial,


I wanted to upload this skin:
(First one, predator)

So this is what i do, i upload all the files to the ftp, all is good, i now go to cfg\mani_admin_plugin\skins\admin_t ( i was just testing installing skins so I only put 1 admin skin for t's)

I created a predator.txt file in ...\skins\admin_t and put this in there:


then i put "Predator" predator.txt in /skins/ folder, Now to editing mani, these are my settings for skin control:

// *****************************************************************************
// Module : Custom Skin Control
// Desc : The following cvars are used to configure the options for the skins
// *****************************************************************************

// 0 = Dont allow admins to have admin skins, 1 = Allow admins to have admin
// skins
mani_skins_admin 1

// 0 = Dont allow public skins for normal players, 1 = Allow public skins
// for normal players
mani_skins_public 0

// 0 = Dont force first skin in list for public player, 1 = Force first skin
// in list on public player
mani_skins_force_public 0

// 0 = Allow all skins to be selected via ma_setskin, 1 = Only allow misc
// skins to be used
mani_skins_setskin_misc_only 0

// 0 = Dont auto download skin resources, 1 = auto download skin resources
// to clients
mani_skins_auto_download 1

// 0 = Dont allow immunity players to have reserved skins,
// 1 = Allow immunity players to have reserved skins
mani_skins_reserved 1

// 0 = No menu on team join, 1 = show skin chooser on team join,
// 2 = show settings menu on team join
mani_skins_force_choose_on_join 1

// 0 = no custom skins for bots, 1 = use random public class skins on bots
mani_skins_random_bot_skins 1

Im not sure whats wrong, any help?

I have sv_allowdownload 1 and it does not even download the files to the client.
are you sure you've uploaded everything to excactly the right place?

you have to go through every single step and make sure EVERYTHING is correct.
This might sound a bit rough but..

Seriously if you follow the tutorial EXACTLY it will work! For every manual I've read on SRCDS things, skins, sounds, plugins, ranking systems etc. I only had 1 problem and that was because I misread a part..

Like everything else in this thing.. mani.. whatever, if it doesn't work you missed something in the manual or you just configured something incorrectly
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zodiac101 Wrote:then i put "Predator" predator.txt in /skins/ folder

Just checking (you probably meant this), but "Predator" predator.txt should be entered as a line in ...\skins\admin_t.txt

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