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Help PLease!!!! READ!
[/font][font=Tahoma] I just Got this server. i know just about everything to do except a couple things when I delete some DE_ or CS_ maps I have to reinstall it because none of the maps work after that. I Rented from AFG servers.... LIke I have pretty much all the main DE_ and CS_ maps let's say I had 4 CS_ assault De_aztec Cs_italy De_pridogy if I deleted De_ aztec and pridogy my server wouldn't work or vise versa. And my server likes to be on aztec alot
When i reset it , it always goes back to aztec So if you could answer this question that would be great.
I have one mroe too.
I would also like too know how to make the messages on your server not motd but when something pops up like
NO RECRUITING ON OUR SERVER!! or something like that.

You shouldn't delete any original map, just remove it from the mapcycle and maplist.

If it goes back to aztec it means it's set to startup on aztec, if you dont want this you'll have to edit the startupline of the server.

messages can be done with mani admin plugin.
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Drocona covered all your questions it looks like!
Let me just pop in and say, please don't post in the tutorial section next time!

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