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Running srcds on a multi-core system
Hey guys, ive got a system that im currently setting up. the spec's are as follows.

AMD AM2 3600+ X2
1gb DDR2
80GB sata2
Ubuntu 7.04
etc etc etc

I currently have 2 css servers (12 slot 66 tick) running on it. But would like to know...

Would it be better to run both srcds instances normally. or by useing Taskset And running 1 server per core. I have tried this and found it to be rather laggy. Is there something im doing wrong?
i set to specific cores and don't have any issues, i've never seen lag when doing it.
It should be more smooth ingame since windows doesn't ping pong the process from cpu1 to 0 and back if you set the affinity.

You should always set it to 1 CPU to get the best performance (cause SRCDS can only use 1 CPU at the time)
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