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Odd lagout issues.
I just setup a new server running centos 64bit. The server seems to run fine cept for a lagout problem, i'll try to explain best I can. I have 5 people connect and running fine, ping good no dropped packets or anything. I seem to be having the most problems but others have had the same issues. Im able to connect fine play for say 5 minutes, then I'll lagout and cannot connect to the server however I'm still able to ping the server and see the server through steam and see the people that are connected and see my ping fluctuate. I am however able to reconnect about 3-4 minutes later without a problem. Please advise with any help? Appreciate it.

*edit* I just logged back into the screen of the css server, and im getting messages: Old challenge from 71.181.146.*:50003 which was my IP. Not sure if that will help shed any light on the situation.
Check out this thread. I've been working on a somewhat simialr problem and this may be of help to you.

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The old challenges are, as the name says, old queries from HL1 or they can come from game monitors like gamemonitor or gametiger.
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scso1502 Thanks for the pointers unfortunately my problem doesn't seem to really be related to what you're seeing. My server is on a 10Mb up/down dedicated line. Also my pings aren't going up when playing on the server either. I stay connected pinging 50 and playing just fine, then all of a sudden it will drop me for no reason.

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