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A Good Web Module
We run 5 servers locally and we're looking for a good web tool that can help us manage those servers and also help us manage 4 servers that we use simaltanously during lan events that we host.

We're looking for something that can give us near realtime data on who's in the server. The ability to execute a lo3 config. And show near real time score.

If you find out how to do this that would be sweet:

That has the ability to stream SourceTV to web clients. Pretty pimp. I can't actually help you with what you want though. All I can suggest is for the server management portion, use HLSW.
Yeah HLSW is the program you want to use. Though AFAIK there is no web-module for it, I could be wrong though.
There are a few floating about within GSPs control panels. I use one at a company i help out with but its not available for public release Sad

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