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net_queue settings
Hi all!

Does anyone know what the correct net_queue settings are for srcds (windows 100 tick)?

Quoting Mike Dussault's email to the [hlds_linux] list:

On 10/08/07, Mike Dussault wrote:

"The packet queue threading was originally added because of a lame piece
of behavior in Windows where if you send > 6 UDP packets without giving
up a timeslice, Windows says "no" and forgets about your packets. So
Windows needed the thread. But Linux doesn't have that problem so it
didn't need the thread in the first place, plus the thread caused all
sorts of problems under Linux because we couldn't get Linux to give the
thread high enough priority to service the packets waiting in the queue
fast enough."

(sry for my bad english Smile)
It should be fine at default, I've never fiddled with it and never had any problems.
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