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Help with sever
I dont get How to change the sever from vac secured to non vac secured and how to control the sever right now its running out of command prompt and i cant figure it out plz help me.
add -insecure to the startupline to make it non-secured.

well basically here are some commands to control the server:
say something ingame type "say my message here"
change the map: "changelevel de_dust2" (example)
server status and playerlist: "status"
view stats (CPU, bandwidth, uptime, users etc): "stats"
kick a player: "kick <name/steam/id>"
ban a player: "ban <name/steam/id>"

well those are the commands you'll use most I guess
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You can also open up the console in regular CSS and look up all the commands you would need to use, or you could probably find a list of them on the net somewhere. I do have a question though, I'm still downloading all the stuff but once the server is running from the cmd prompt, I I can't just type those command in can I? They're no windows commands...?

I also figure it might be easiest to use rcon to do all the commands, if you are going to play on the server yourself.
The "cmd prompt" you are talking about isn't a windows cmd prompt. It's a CSS Server cmd prompt Big Grin. So yes you can use all those commands.
tru dat. Its very simular to windows cmd prompt, but is engine is basically srcds. So all the srcds commands work and really none of the windows commands Smile

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