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Mani help big problem and i need some1 smart
I need help real bad I just bought a server from gameservers and I asked if they could install mani for me they did it and i added myself as a admin and it worked but i tried to do ranks and vote maps and all that and it didnt work i tried installing mani 5 times and nothing work but when i say ma_ranks it works but no 1 is ranked they tried enabling everything and still nothing they told me to go to the mani forums and i did but i made a thread and got no reply and then they locked it! so a clanmate told me to come here cuz you helped him with his server i really need to get this working.
is exec mani_server.cfg in your server.cfg?
manofphat Wrote:is exec mani_server.cfg in your server.cfg?
ya is i didnt have it in there i would gte unknowncammand in sonsole but i dont
did you add yourself to the clients.txt file or do you even have a clients.txt file? the default for mani is to not rank you until ~25 kills or so i believe. it's a setting in the mani_server.cfg.
nvm a staff member from gameservers just got it working it was bugged i guess
Probably some crap goign on with the .dat, I've had the problem sometime before, was some read/write errors.
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