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DODS + Quad Core Issue
Hey Everyone,

I am running a DODS server on my dedicated server machine. Today I noticed a strange issue. It seems that the dods server is only using one of the available cpu cores. When I look in my task manager, one of the 4 cores is near 80% while the others are all around 10%

Im not sure if anyone else has experienced this? Im open to any suggestions.

My machine is;

Windows 2003
2 x dual core intel processors
4GB Ram
10mbit connection
Okay, I did some digging around here and found the 'set affinity' option in task manager. This looks like it could be the cause as only one of the cores is checked off. Unfortunately, when I check the rest off and hit okay they dont remain checked. When I go back in to look, the other 3 cores are unchecked again.

ideas? Toungue
The command line you are using to start your DoD:S server, does it contain:

/affinity 1

or similar?

If so, remove.
Just a minor note, SRCDS will NOT be able to use multiple cores, it will only be a disadvantage over using 1 core. Since it will be switching the complete process over different CPU's it won't improve performance.
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You could let Windows do the load balancing for you. That's what I do. I use a service manager to this properly.

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