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Rented Server Lags
I have a rented server with 12 playes.
the main server's computer details:
dual opteron dual core 1412
4 GB Ram

Now, when a new round starts, the server has lags for about 5 seconds. The lag is that people try to move (to start playing) but there is a jump lag (kinda jump... I dunno how to explain it...), so people move forward but the lag "jump" them back... so you kinda can't move, beacuase every step you do you jump back a little bit..

Any ideas how to fix it?
btw, these are some of the settings the builder did to my server, but I understood that it doesn't matter what server it is, he always put it like that:
sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_minupdaterate 20
sv_maxrate 20000
sv_minrate 2000
decalfrequency 60
fps_max 600
tickrate 100

Any changes that I need to do in these?

Thanks for the helpers!!! Rolleyes
Sounds like the hoster is over-crowding his server to cause lag like that. This start of round lag is normally caused by excessive CPU usage.

Contact your hoster and ask to be moved boxes or get him to reduce server load.
ok, thanks...
So, nothing I should do about these commands?
the min stuff could be raised a lot more if its a 100 tick server. i.e:

sv_minupdaterate 80
sv_maxrate 30000
sv_minrate 18000
decalfrequency 60
fps_max 600

And tickrate 100 can only be entered in the command start-up line (you host will do that for you since you probably wont have access to the file that does it)
Please be not mistaken, decalfrequency has NOTHING to do with bandwidth.
It's used to set how many times per minute you can put your spray painting on a wall Smile
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OK, thanks! now... one more question (that isn't related to the subjest)... I have installed eventscripts on my server, and now the shotgun has 128 bullets instead of 32... I have written a message in the eventscripts forum.. but no1 answered me there... Do you know how I can make it 32 again?
And 1 more thing, if there are about 14 servers that runs on this computer, does it too much? What is the max of servers you think should be running on a computer like this?
If you put on some script to change the shotgun ammo amount, then just remove the script line from your autoexec.cfg. It shouldn't just change the shotgun ammo amount by default. However, the increasing ammo does happen on Gungame if you are running that.

Not quite sure, is that the equivalent to a Core2Quad 6600? It all depends on the amount of players per server and the tickrate of each server. If they were smaller sized servers, i would think maybe 12 - 3 to a core. Best way is to actually do it though, try to find a point where servers start to lag (but you'll have to do this when most of the servers are busy to know your max).

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