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Hey i have 1 problam all is Good i got the admin plugings and all the Quke sounds But ! My server Lags a loOT AND ALSO ! my server dosnt Not responed and it Lags a looot Sad when my frineds Join it dosenot responed Sad how can i make my friends Join?? plz help !
Please learn to spell correctly but what i understood points to low bandwidth / router settings, make sure you have more than 512kilobit connection and your router is allowing ALL connections.
[Image: b_350x20_C323957-202743-F19A15-111111.png]
my net speed it perfect ! But my server Is laging a lot and my Friends say : (when i Join the server dosent responed i cant Join )So How can i make then Join ???????
and also when I join the server is laging and my Ping is prefect ! so It lagS and btw im useing srcds .so how can i fix my router to make players Join and also
the qauke sound where do i Put them in :
srcds/cstrike/sounds/ Or srcds/cstrike/sounds/Admin plugings ?????
and thx !For the help all this way !
What make is your router?
[Image: b_350x20_C323957-202743-F19A15-111111.png]
Do i have to pay ???
Cuz i have it But what do i have to Do ??? they say i Have to pay 2 regiester
and also My Quake Sounds ? where do i Put them in mY SRCDS fILE ???
IN srcds/cstrike/sounds/
Or = srcds/cstrike/sounds/Admin plugings
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