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How to rUN A SERVER !!! Help Help !!!
oK I DOWNLOADED A SERVER but i run it i can join it and my frineds cant Sad and i want to and text in when i make the sever i made a notepad and i called it modt.txt and it doseint show Up !i placed it in the csrtike folder !
but also how can i add a voteing window so playes can vote !!
and also i went to cstrike planet and made my server cfg But how can i add it in my server ??? and when i join the server can i use the consle in the Game ??? i Hope some will help plz !!!!Sad
Server cfg goes here: srcds\cstrike\cfg\server.cfg
MOTD.txt goes here: srcds\cstrike\motd.txt

Voting and stuff:

Player joinage:
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