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Fraps please help
I just wanted to like take a sample of a movie to send to my freinds using fraps, i starting recording, cand opened the file when it had done. Because I use a gaming headset with a microphone when i watch/listen to the file, it has recorded the sound through my headset; I.E me breathing and background noise
Just wondering how to resolve this isue so when i record it usues the original audio from the source

Much appreciated

Well i also know alot about fraps, first right click the sound icon next to the time at the bottom right of your screen and hit open volume control, then hit options and properties and press recording and under "show the follwing volume controls"

If there is one called "sterio mix" then you can use your headset with fraps
If there isn't one then unfortunatly you can't... but there is a way

Change your audio and mic output device with something that has sterio mix, you should have an onboard audio or something, this should have sterio mix and then fraps will record sound aswell, but you won't be able to hear it through your headset.

This is based on if you're using a USB headset...

remeber to close down fraps change your audio and mic and then start up fraps again
[Image: b_350x20_C323957-202743-F19A15-111111.png]
Just to give some quick tips from here, Fraps might lagg on most computers, I would recommend Gamecam.
it's the only gamecam I've used which hasn't lagged.

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