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Cannot connect remotly to RCON
Firstly, I appologise for being a bit of a newbie to this. I've set up a counter strike source server.

When I load up the command console, in the game and type rcon_password password and rcon, it shows me that rcon has connected up fine.

If I try to use an external program such as Kontrol, I just get a timeout error and it dies on me.

Any ideas on how I should start looking?
Furthermore, I have found that HLSW manager works.

But unfortunatly, the main reason that I want to set up rcon, is so that I can have an irc bot using an eggdrop tcl script (matchbot.tcl). With that script running though, I get an error of:

rconerror: Server not responding (timeout) 0

Any ideas?
There is an IRC plugin going around, maybe you should check that one out?
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Does rcon work from within game? How do you have port forwarding setup? You need to forward tcp/27015 for rcon.

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