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port changes?
umm i have noticed that not all clients connect to the same port. is that normal? what i mean is some people seem to be connected to 27015 and some are connected to 27016. i realized this when giving people the ip they would often say they couldnt join and i give them the ip again with a diff port and it works. its always 27015 or 27016 though. this gets really annoying when tryng to organize a scrim because ppl often cant connect. would adding -port 27015 (i think thats the right command) fix this? or is it possible to just give clients the ip with no port. like this

connect; password sexytime

that also seems to only work for some people though.
Ports can just change :/

By default, servers are 27015 (hence why people can connect with adding a port on the end of the IP)

But yes, adding -port 27015 to the command line is the best thing to do.
you can give the ip, yes, no port needed actually.

the correct line would be:
connect ip:port:password

all with ":"

Also in the "status" list you will see that every client is connected through different ports ranging from low thousands to mid 60 thousands
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