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Help with the server (wrong forum probably)
Ok i got a 4.6 X2 athalon 64, arock mobo, and 2 gigs or corsair ram. Now this is a computer problem so this is probably in the wrong forum (sorry if it is). Everything is in correctly but when i start up the computer (the power button is not working) i use the switch on the power supply. The fans all come to life but the monitor does not show anything at all. Im sure the monitor works- i tested it- and it is plugged in. I think the problem is with the PN1/2 connectors. Any help is appreciated

Btw, how many css servers could i run on that setup with 20 mb upload 5 mb download?
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Spartan, check if you put the CPU in the socket correctly (if I can remember this correctly you have this pull down handle next to the socket which brings the whole socket down for about 5 mm, connecting the CPU to the mobo)
I had this problem at my friends, we were stumped until I saw the CPU hovering above the mobo Smile

5MB upload will run about 40-50 slots total
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