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srcds.exe ... where are you? ^^
Mhh... i followed the instruction on this site:
and i downloaded the files,... but not the srcds.exe :|... i really dont know what i have done wrong, i only can say "help please".

thx & greets,
srcds.exe should be in the folder where you just downloaded the files to.

Did you check the correct folder? You may accidentally be looking in a folder of a previous installation and not realise.
i have got only the C:\srcds\ folder...
Got a screenshot of your srcds folder?

If you don't have file extensions on, srcds.exe it will show up as 'srcds'.

it is standing "\\Server\srcds", because i connect over the network...

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Hmm, weird. I'll have a go at downloading and see what happens. Maybe someone else knows or has seen this before.
maybe i shoud download it again... mh

EDIT:/ ... yes i restarted this command "hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\srcds" and now it is updateing more stuff... ^^ or downloading new things... maybe it wasnt finished... and i pressed STRC+C ... ^_^... shit happens... but strange that it makes breaks at downloading.. :S
ah... Big Grin now there is a srcds.exe :-) thx!! and sry for my thread ^_^ noob-problem *g*
lol cool.
It's a common problem, just keep restarting the install till it appears, srcds.exe is the last file being downloaded.
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