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Number of servers a dedicated can handle
My clan is looking at renting a dedicated server. I were are trying to figure out how many game servers we can host on our box.

Server Specs:

Core2Duo 2.4Ghz
1000GB Bandwidth
Windows 2003

We would like to run 3 100 tick CS:S servers and and probably another 2 66 tick source games to be named later as well.

In your experience how many games servers can a box with these specs handle?

My E6300 can do 6x 100tick match servers with no problem (3 to a core with some overhead left). A Q6600 should be able to hold ~12 100 tick server comfortably and a E6600 (2.4ghz) should be able to do similar to what my E6300 can do (mines overclocked to run 3ghz).

So overall, i think they E6600 *should* just be able to handle what you want it to do:

Core 1: 2x 100 tick
Core 2: 1x 100 tick + 2x 66 tick


Core 1: 2x 100 tick + 1x 66 tick
Core 2: 1x 100 tick + 1x 66 tick

As long as loads are spread evenly across, there shouldn't be a problem.
It would be 3 pubs and two privates

As far as slots go:

Pub 100 tick CS:S - 20 Slots
100 tick CS:S - 12 Slot
100 tick CS:S - 12 Slot

Pub 66 tick ?? - 20ish
Pub 66 tick ?? - 20ish
You might just manage - assuming not all servers will be full at the same time.

On my CPU i find that 11 slot 100 tick when full runs at around ~25% cpu of one core. I assume 20 slot 66tick would be roughly the same, maybe slightly more.

Could be do-able. Only one sure way to be certain though.
Also if you could provide a link or a description of how to assign servers to a specific core that would be useful.
Someone else might be able to fill in here, not sure if this is correct or not, but i think windows uses:


to assign affinity to a certain core - this would be added just before the startup command line for srcds


/wait /cpu1 srcds.exe -blah

or similar.
Cool thanks Muppet you've been a big help

I would still like to hear from some other people about their server load experience. Even if you don't have the same CPU.
I tested a Core2Duo E6600 last 2 weeks on a 1800man LAN party (yes it lasts almost 2 WEEKS!!!)

I had the following running:
core 1:
-CSS 16 slots 100tick
-Hidden: Source 9 slots 100tick
-Hidden: Source 9 slots 100tick (yes 2 servers, just different settings)

-CSS Gungame 20 slots 75tick
-CSS DM 20 slots 75 tick
-CSS Surf 18 slots 100 tick

all had at leas 8 bots inside, CPU NEVER got above 70% on a single core. never above 60% average
Servers were filled up a lot.
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