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Windows Server 2003 vs. Red Hat Enterprise 5
I would like to run as many servers as possible on a an opteron I just purchased.

I will be able to run the optimized 64 bit opteron binaries, so I should be able to pick up some extra slots there. For the operating system I have two options: Windows server 2003 64 bit edition, or Red Hat Enterprise 5 64 bit.

My thoughts are that linux in general is more efficient, but i have heard the linux binaries for srcds are kind of buggy, so the windows ends up being more efficient in the end. What are peoples experiences or thoughts with these operating systems? Thanks.
SRCDS is designed and supported on windows, like you said, Linux is less efficient but is not BUGGY.

second, SRCDS is a 32 bit program, it will not be able to use 64 bit.

I'd go for windows but you'll have to see what you think runs better.
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