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Dual Xeon 3.0ghz problems :(
Hello all,

I just migrated from some old school P4 3.0ghz single core machines (which ran GREAT by the way).  To a new Dual 3.0ghz Xeon system with 4gb of ram.  It's not the new woodcrest dual cores, just single core Xeon, dual processors.  Windows 2003.

The old P4 3.0ghz single proc system could run a srcds 16 man instance, full, at 66 tick using about 20-25% CPU.

I'm using firedaemon to launch my srcds servers, and so far.. ONE single 16 man 66 tick server is driving one processor up to 100% on round start, causing severe tick rate drops and lag.  It slowly starts to even out as the round progresses, but it's pretty much unplayable.

I'm stumped on what to try, short of disabling hyperthreading, which I'm going to request this afternoon.

I read this persons post and saw they are having identical problems as I am, however in a Dual-Core, Dual processor environment, there shouldn't even be hyperthreading, no?

I've tried all sorts of processor affinitys, but nothign has worked.  Technically this system has 3 times the resources as our old 3.0ghz single proc box, but right now it's got the performance of a 533mhz system =/

Any clues or tips short of disabling hyperthreading and praying for the best?

you can give me your p4 be more than happy to own something like that
Indeed the conroes and all dual cores don't have hyperthreading anymore.
disabling it on your server SHOULD fix it.
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