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Install mani mod on a CS:S dedicated server.
First of all you need to download the mod it self, witch you can do so here:

In that file you just downloaded you should have four folders:
addons, cfg, materials, and sound.
Stay in the zip file, do not extract.

Open the mod folder in a seperate window than the confiqueration window for the server. The confiquration window, let's call it "server window" and for the mani mod window well call it "mod window"

Go to cfg in both windows. Drag the two files AND the folder from the mod window to the server window.

Now go to sound in both windows. Drag the admin_plugin folder from the mod window to the server window.

Next go to materials/decals in both windows. Drag the custom foler from the mod window to the server window.

Now, Go to cstrike in the server window and go to the place where you found the four folders in the mod window. Drag (or copy) the addons folder from the mod window to cstrike in the server window.

There!  You may now close the mod window. That's all the folder work we have to do. We need to check a few things to make sure it works. You should now have these file/directory:

cstrike/cfg/mani_admin_plugin (with mani_server.cfg in the cfg folder)
cstrike/materials/decals/custom (if you want to make sure it works put custom in the materials folder too, not just the decals.)

The next thing we have to check is if the gametypes.txt is the right version. To do so, go into cstrike/cfg/mani_admin_plugin then open gametypes.txt. On the second line of text it should say: Last Update V1.1.0zj + V1.2 Beta O. If it doesn't you do not have the correct version of mani mod.

-----Mani mod Configuration-----

I want to be an admin!
To add admins, you must get your steam id which you get by typing 'status' in console on an internet server (you must be in the game) Once you have your steam id (the format should be like STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxx) put it in your adminlist.txt file. It is stored in the same place as the gametypes.txt is. You must put all steam id's on a seperate line and at the bottom of the file.

I want to make my own adverts!
To customize adverts, go to the place where you found the adminlist.txt and the gametypes.txt and open the averts.txt file. Then type your adverts you wish to have. Each avert must be on a seperate line.

If this does not work for you i'm sorry. I did this and it worked for me, thats why I posted it Smile.

If you have any questions, please ask me.
Oh, I forgot to say:
Add exec "mani_server.cfg" to you server.cfg file.
You didn't mention for linux you might have to create a .vdf file to pop into the addons folder. Mine wouldn't work without it.

Create a file called mani_admin_plugin.vdf

Then copy paste this to the file, save and then stick it in the addons folder

"file" "../cstrike/addons/mani_admin_plugin"
hey i have a 2.4ghz dual core 2 gigs ram nvidia 8600 gts video card, and i downloaded srcds and run my server and i was trying 2 add myself as an admin and i downloaded the plugin at this page and copied all the files to my srcds folder and when i went 2 put my steam id into the "adminlist.txt" file it wasnt there so i copied and pasted it from a previous version of mani and put my id in there and im still not an admin any tips?

because now there is a new system... i am searching for it at this moment!

i only know you have to add over rcon...

rcon ma_client AddSteam <NICKNAME> <STEAMID>

but than you have to do something... i also seted* the flags but it doesnt work... strange... but i am still searching... on

found it!

From the ingame console:

rcon ma_client addclient "MyName"
rcon ma_client addsteam "MyName" "STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxx"
rcon ma_client setaflag "MyName" "+#"

the +# stands for all flags... so you have all rights ;-)

MyName could be a name you want to choose... doesnt matter...

so have fun!

i tested it, it works.

ok i ahve mani installed everything seems to work but couple things. 1 i dont have a server.cfp which i saw kinda odd and i dont know where to get it if its missing.

2 i have admin full admin didnt a different way but thats ok But for some reason when i start server up it stays on that map till i change is there seems to be something wrong and it has made the map time have no limit how do i change?

3 how do i add mods or plugins because there is this one grabber one i would like to add but says i ahve to use metamod which i installed once did everything but still dont work and since i dont have server.cfg i couldnt add the cvar so HELP?
I go into C:\srcds\cstrike\cfg\mani_admin_plugin
and there is no Adminlist.txt there.. is it ment to be somewhere is or should i create one?
Note that this tutorials is deprecated, you should use the readme/documentation on the newest version of mani admin plugin. (which uses clients.txt)
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I've done exactly as you've described and when I lanch dedicated I get this:

****** Executing mani_server.cfg ******
Unknown command "mani_adverts"
Unknown command "mani_time_between_adverts"
Unknown command "mani_adverts_chat_area"
etc. >.>

and when I type plugin_print it's blank.

Ps: Can no longer find the server on the net nor can other join, it's as if it's a lan server now.
Please read my post above yours...

also, when it gives those unknown commands, mani isn't running
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did you create a .vdf ?
I have a question ... Why I have not adminlist.txt in source dedicated server \ cstrike \ cfg \ mani_admin_plugin?
Again, read my posts above!
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