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Does anyone know of any servers hosted by colleges? Im part of a lan party club at school, which is great, but we are trying to host an internet source server on the schools T3 network. The Dean of the IT department has asked us to collect a list of servers that other colleges host. Basically he wants proof that other colleges are hosting simple game servers without slowing down their network. (I know game servers do not take up enough bandwidth to even dent the T3 connection, but he thinks its going to take down the entire network.) Anyways, if you know of college game hosting or you are in fact administrating a college game server please let me know.

erm, If you are talking about a LAN party the T3 is not important at all, the T3 is an internet connection, within the schools network there will be at least 100mbit all over.

If you are willing to host an internet server on that T3 connection, T3 = 44.7Mbps which is HARD to take down.
16 players will use up 1mbit.
You wont crash it at all with a gameserver, it's a piece of cake Smile

Tell them I'm a reliable source, I've been running gameservers for 2.5 years
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