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Sponsors for the {SK} clan
Hello this is BACK IN BLACK, I have recently started a clan called the Silent Killers and yes we are still recruiting, and we have tried making a server (didn't go so well) and now we are looking for a sponsor to sponsor us, and create us a pretty well built server! If you are interested in sponsoring the Silent Killers, please E-Mail me at, PM me at BACK IN BLACK, or just leave a reply in this thread.

Anyone who would like to sponsor is totally welcome in the clan! And after we have a server up and running, we are planning on getting a website!

---> If you would like to become a part of the clan, just E-Mail me or PM me,
        NOTICE: We do not base you completly on skill, we base you on how you play, act, and think!

-Thank You!
good luck on finding a sponsor! lol
Emailed you, please email me back soon Smile

**Don't forget that we are still recruiting and looking for members, if interested talk to me!

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