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Jumping/buggy Objects, how to fix or disable?
Hi all, i'm running WCS module, metamod, mani admin plugin, eventscripts, ES Tools as i remember that's all. And nearly after 1 day server working objects begin to jump their self, and if person pushes em, they fly away easly, like they weight very low. I think it's coz of WCS, according to disabled objects on another wcs servers, or same problems on wcs servers where objects aren't disabled. I have a question: how to disable them? I've searched frow all internet but couldn't find any command to do it. And maybe smbody knows the actual reason or even how to fix it? Thanks all.
I suggest you wait for a reply HERE. I don't think this plugin has even been mentioned on these forums.

I assume a gravity command is being issued somewhere. Either from the WCS plugin or another plugin or script loaded.
I may wait here for fix if it's coz of wcs. But isn't it a srcds command to turn off thoose objects? or how to turn them off, i don't think that wcs is needed for it.
What objects are you referring to? If you mean generic objects like bottles, boxes etc, then no. You need to use another plugin (stripper mod) to remove the loading of those.
phys_pushscale 1 will return push power to normal
phys_timescale 1 will make object move at normal speed
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This doesn't help coz values are already 1, i tried to turn em 0 or another value but they still fly like have on the moon. looks like sv_gravity for objects specified 0.o
Drocona Wrote:phys_pushscale 1 will return push power to normal
phys_timescale 1 will make object move at normal speed

phys_pushscale 900 makes for a sweet body flying when shot effect. I love it on the KHuDA Gun Game Server

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