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A little help with a router.

I previously had a Counterstrike: Source server. I have changed ISP's and I now have a much more powerful connection. I am also using a new router. I am using a Linksys "WRT54G" V8.0 (Firmware V8). I have correctly forwarded the ports 27005 - 27016 (both) 1200 - 1200 (Both) 27020 - 27039 (Both). Now, when I go to and check the ports it says' either "Closed Error Number: 61 Connection refused" "Port 27015 Timeout ". I have even tried DMZ and that gave me the same message, the timeout. I have also used other port checkers and they tell me that the ports are closed. I have disabled all of the filters also.

EDIT: I have no firewall.

I have also included a speed test below.
If anyone can help me get these ports forwarded it would help alot. Thanks.

<Speed Test> [Image: 153431779.png]

Make sure you are forwarding to the correct local IP. Also check no software firewall is being (i.e windows firewall) run that would block srcds.
I used as a guide for setting the ports up, I also have the correct local IP. As I stated above I have no firewall installed on the server computer. Do you think it has something to do with the firmware on the linksys?

EDIT: I was looking around for information on the linksys WRT54G, It looks like anything above v5 is bad, so, is it possible to return routers to retailers like BestBuy? If so, what router do you guys reccomend that's under 60$
I like the D-Link WBR-1310

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