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can some help me with bzip?
alright ive bzipped the map i want, put it in my webserver did the sv_downloadurl thing and still when i go to download the map it says that the map is missing, please note im in garry's mod if it helps
Please search the forums for this - theres umpteen threads on it.

i did i went to like 50 posts and i still have no answer

this one is the closest to my answer
but it doesnt finish
Nekoji Wrote:i did i went to like 50 posts and i still have no answer

this one is the closest to my answer
but it doesnt finish

Kay. Remember its for garrymods, so cstrike might not be the right folder name im referring to.

On your gameserver:

cstrike/maps <--- Upload all maps here

Your sv_downloadurl folder MUST mirror the cstrike folder exactly. So if you only have maps that you want to use with sv_downloadurl, then on your webserver, create a new dir - for instance, lets call it server

public_html/server <--- On your webserver where /server == /cstrike

sv_downloadurl "" in your server.cfg

On the webserver, inside /server/ should be a folder called maps. Upload all your bzipped maps here (i prefer to use 7zip for bzipping - other people seem to have made corrupt files with other programs).

Now back on your game server cstrike folder, go to maplist.txt and add all your new maps in here (this is necessary but i do it anyway).

Next, check the permissions of the folder and make sure it is chmod 755. Also check for any .htaccess file and make sure its not restricting access to certain IPs or ports etc.

Should work.
alright wait okay i have all my bsp maps in the server folder and on my webserver i have map.bsp.bz2 is that right? cause thats not working right now
If it doesn't have a maplist then don't waste your time making one - its of no real value anyway.

When changing a map all it does it look for the map in the maps folder, and if sv_downloadurl is enabled, it checks the webserver for the map (obviously must have the name).



would be on sv_downloadurl location:

that is exactally how i have it set up i can give you the link to view my webserver but when i go into the game it says that its missing the map, and it has nothing to do with bz2
comment out sv_downloadurl in your server.cfg

// sv_downloadurl "blahblah"

Now, try to run the map - if it says missing then the file doesn't exist, otherwise its a problem on the setup of the webserver end.
i have the sv_downloadurl set up in server.cfg it still says its missing

sv_downloadurl = http://***
Did you comment it out hence turning it off and try running the map?
yea you can download the map fine just not the bz2
Okay, so it a problem on your webserver end most likely.

I noticed you posted:

Quote:sv_downloadurl = http://***

Try putting " "'s around your downloadurl address and no = 's:

sv_downloadurl ""
it looked like it downloaded half-way and then it said it was missing
Link me this map and the IP of your server. I'll stick it on my downloadurl see if it works.
well if it helps i used this bzipping thing

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