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Bots lower server slots?
i noticed that when i add a bot to the game the number of slots dropps by the # of bots rather than showing them as players. so say i have a 10 man server and i have 8 bots, people will see 0/2 players in the server list. understand? anyone know how to change this so that if i add a bot it will just show as a player in the server (ie 1/10) i know its probably just some bot cvar but i cant find it.
Don't think there is a cvar for this. Valve in a recent update changed the way bots appear on a server list. Now when viewing the master server list within Counter Strike: Source, bots appear as taking a slot and the server appears to "lose" a slot when a bot is being used.

However, if you view the server list from outside Counter Strike: Source (from Steam) the bots appear as a player on a server, in your example, would show as 1/10 players.
hmm, that sucks. lol your probably right cause i have noticed it on other servers aswell, but i hope there is a wasy fox change it.
Is it possible that people have their game server browser settings configured to do that?
Does it happen to EVERYONE?

Also, is there any chance that you first experienced these problems on the 12th of June?
This is from the latest update I'm pretty sure. | xfire: toasty2
Yeh, it happens everywhere, I have a 20 player server with 15 bots for testign purposes and it shows up as 0/5 players.
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