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disconnected by user, vanished?
Ok a weird thing has come up on my server lately, when a player quits due to disconnect, or time out etc the server shows a disconnect message MOST of the time, HOWEVER sometimes when a player leaves i do not see 'disconnected by user.' or w/e the player just got vanished off the server, no quit message, no console message, no nothing, the player just doesn't show up in the scoreboard anymore... this only happens like 30% of the disconnects but it is kinda annoying because last time when a friend was on my server (i thought) i was speaking to him, but then he told me via Friends that he was playing something else for the last 5 min!

Anyone familiar with this problem?
Yes it seems to be a bug in steam, I was playing CS: Source today and had the same experience over 5 servers.
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